29 December 2009

and so begins the love of typography

The first big project in Uni was to create an A2 sized poster using only typography. We were given two words and the choice of fonts and layout had to reflect these words. As you can see, our words were sophisticated and elegant. I was absolutely psyched with the outcome of this poster, especially as a first piece. 

uh, well, hello

As I've mentioned this blog has been a long time coming, this is mainly due to me not knowing what to put on these things. But now I have slight idea, very slight. Anyway my theory on this is to start pretty much where I should have a long time ago. The scene is a surprisingly warm Cardiff September in the age old year of 2008. Here began my Uni experience and my god was it different to all I had ever known. Needless to say there were many messy nights out, many an equally messy night in and of course the awful experience of groundbreaking exercises. If I heard, "turn to you're left and ask the person..." once, I heard it a hundred times. Regardless, after the initial awkwardness, I made friends with a brilliant set of people and haven't looked back since. Ok enough of the reminiscing and back on to topic, my work. The order in which some of this is put up may appear pretty random because it, kind of, is. I'll do my best to make it all as chronological as possible. So enough of the babble and here its starts, enjoy...