16 December 2010

james and the giant peach

A childhood classic, James and the Giant peach, has it's look re-imagined. This design gives the book a more contemporary feel whilst encapsulating the themes of escape and magic.

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14 December 2010

round 3!

Ok, third shot. Colour change and adjustments to the type, let me know what you think...I will let you no that staring at that pink on screen for a while really messes with your eyes! Enjoy...

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100 years of solitude: round 2

So, this is my second attempt at this book cover. It is radically different to the first, but different is good...right? Anyway let me know.

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13 December 2010

100 years of solitude

One Hundred Years of Solitude appears to be a very strange book from the reviews I have read of it. This is a draft of one of the ideas I had for the re-design of the cover...got a crazy pattern going on, let me know what you think of it.

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7 December 2010

life in the, very, slow lane

"Hey Matt, what is life like at 2000 frames a second?" I hear you cry, metaphorically obviously. Well this promo vid for the Canon 7D shows you. The footage on this is insane, I'm not talking about the lame BMXers, just check out the rain it looks amazing.

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P.s. I know I have been posting a lot of videos and animations recently as opposed to actual graphic work. I am looking trust me, plus some of my own work will be going up soon I promise. But for now, just enjoy the awesomeness I am trying to provide. Much love.

1 December 2010

the new Rodney Mullen?

As you can probably tell I'm not getting too much done today, other than playing with my new phone and nerding out on the internet. Regardless, I came across this video and I was simply stunned. For any skateboarders out there, this is for you. Additionally, any random Rodney Mullen fans will either be incredibly impressed or possibly resentful of this guy. I present to you the new Rodney Mullen, Killian Martin.

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just a quickie

A quick post for you guys now, considering I'm meant to be doing work. Came across this on a friend's twitter post ( @Hyperkraft check it). Never been a massive fan of the band really but this interactive video is insane...don't be afraid just leap in and do it you won't be disappointed, I promise. HTML 5 just doing its thing!

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