13 April 2011

afternoon tee (another one, I'm really sorry)

Second round. I thought that this would be quite a nice, simple and jokey idea. I was also toying with the idea of having it say awesome instead of lousy but only feedback will tell!

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it's all in tee detail (bad pun, sorry)

Here is a quick mock-up for a tee/hoody design for Cardiff School of Art and Design, the place I like to call home. Suggestions and criticisms are more than welcome...but be gentle.

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8 April 2011

an animated beat poem? makes sense if you are Tim Minchin

I came across this earlier and thought it was brilliant! Having already heard the beat poem performed by Minchin, I had an idea as to what the animation would be like. However, I was massively impressed by the attention to detail and overall style. The style, slightly, reminds me of the opening sequence to the Channel 4 show, Misfits. The poem is funny and clever, the animation is exquisite and very well executed. And that is enough from me...now go forth and view my young friends!

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Uh, hi. I've been meaning to call.

This just keeps happening and I apologise from the bottom of my little designer heart. I haven't been around much recently, but that isn't because I don't love you...I, I've just been busy. Promises were made at the very beginning of this relationship and I have completely failed in living up to my end of the deal. I guarantee that, if you give me one more chance, I can be better, I can do more, I can be here for you!

How about if I give you reasons for my absence? Ok? Right here goes, since our last encounter I was afflicted by a foul demon that I simply could not get rid of, or even slay unfortunately. It went by the cursed name of Dissertation. Gaah! The name still makes me shiver. Anyway, it was a long, hard fought battle that i thought would never end. However, I vanquished the vile beast (and bound its awful carcass in purple hardback!). So that takes me to mid January. And it all started with a glass of Glayva. It was a competition module so I had to try hard (I'll show you pictures, when you are less mad at me). Hence, two more weeks away from you. Then came a mistress known as the D&AD. Look, I wasn't cheating on you, it was for work. A further two weeks fly by. And now for the big one, the five weeks I spent wrestling with an odious and horrific piece of typographic legacy. Papyrus!! I see it everywhere I go now. I get Vietnam style flashbacks now and again...You don't know man, you weren't there!

Well, there you are, that is where I have been. I apologise again. I also promise to provide documentation of each of these instances to prove my innocence. So...am I forgiven? Yes!? Yes! I won't let you down! Thank you....Speak soon.