17 May 2011

re-branding continued

So the re-brand I made previously wasn't very strong, I just had to get it out of my head. Here is round two, which is much better I think. Admittedly, there are still more tweaks left to be done but as a preliminary I would care to know what you think. Let me know. Cheers.

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14 May 2011

re-branding...well trying at least

I feel it has become necessary for me to change the way I look. Does that sound vain? Probably. Anyway, never mind about that. So this is a quick mock-up of a possible logo. Please cast your beautiful eyes upon it and let me know what you think...especially if you think it looks awful and doesn't represent me well. Additionally, some feedback would be truly splendid. Once again, much love and thanks y'all.

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