3 June 2011

Andrew Fice

This was a particularly pleasant talk as Andrew Fice, a graduate of the course, showed us that you can make it as a designer as long as you are willing to put the hours in. He had a strong portfolio and recommended the importance of sketches.

Points from the talk:

- Beginning a career...Work experience is king when starting out. Get as much as possible to stand you in the best stead. Experience is important and offering your services for a couple of weeks can lead to more.Also don't just send out portfolios and hope for a reply. Chase up on it. Phone and make sure they got your work. Try to talk to the director, even if that does mean posing as a paper supply company.

- Interviews...Employers want to know that your work and ideas are good but also want to make sure you fit in with everyone and the way in which they work. Show sketches in your portfolio as they show development of ideas and a knowledge of how to get your ideas on paper (even if you cant draw).

- On the job...Be prepared to work over the odds! Expect long days and sleepless nights. If work needs to be done, it needs to be done. Be a team player and don't leave anyone else with the brunt, be willing to help.

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