3 June 2011

brief 4 - ssp

The student set project was, for me, one of the more challenging. It was a struggle to pin point a concept from such vagueness. The idea with this brief is that we could pretty much do anything, pick a topic we were passionate about and go for it. After some contemplation and soul searching I decided that I hate papyrus (the typeface). I have always loathed its overuse and misuse, it is honestly the go to font for anyone without a remote clue.

Having identified the main problem with papyrus, it has no real personality and looks severely dated, it was decided that I would create a book which would instill the personalities of celebrities into papyrus in an attempt to make it more exciting and usable. I was pleased with the concept but, unfortunately, not with the execution. Due to time restrictions and not getting the concept until the last minute the book appears rushed. Well, see what you think.

Module Feedback

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