3 June 2011

brief 1 - real world

This brief was interesting, if not slightly bizarre and confusing. The brief was centered around Cardiff Airport (which even resulted in a class trip...how very primary school). The project was enjoyable after arriving at a suitable concept, however getting to that point was quite difficult.

The class was split into groups to begin with. Then we were provided with the brief...ish. It was difficult to ascertain what exactly we were meant to be designing, regardless we soldiered on and realised that it was all about the customer experience.

Our final concept was to provide users with an abstract view of Wales using a house style comprising of intricate triangular patterns, authentic materials and immersive interactive aspects. For final visuals we created renders of key areas of the arrivals process and created a model to show how the refurbished arrivals lounge would look.

The culmination of the project was a 20 minute presentation with your group in front of our peers, lecturers, all of the design agency mentors we were assigned as well as representatives from the airport itself.

The best part about this brief, personally, was meeting our group's mentor Alex from Burning Red. They are an excellent and friendly little company from the bay area.

Module feedback

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