3 June 2011

brief 3 - competitions

As the title suggest this module centered around competition briefs. The briefs were courtesy of Penguin and Puffin book cover designs, YCN and D&AD.

Penguin and Puffin

100 Years of Solitude and James and the Giant Peach comprised the subjects of the brief for Penguin and Puffin respectively. The Penguin brief provided the most challenging in this group as I had never encountered the novel before. However, I tried my best to learn about the story. How well that worked is anyone's guess. Anyway, to provide a solution I focused on an aspect of the book that intrigued me the most. A part where thousands of workers are massacred and thrown into the sea, after which the area where the book is set battles with torrential rain and flooding.

James and the Giant Peach was much more fun to do as I already had a knowledge of the story. For this outcome I wanted to stay away from the cliché of actually having a peach on the cover. Instead I applied a typographic style to represent the peach. Additionally, I hinted at the friends James gains in the story (insects) with shadows on the lettering. Seagulls are also seen to be carrying the different elements as reference to the narrative.


The brief I chose from the YCN selection was for Whyte and Mackay and their brand of whiskey liqueur, Glayva. I enjoyed this brief, especially the tasting session we had as a group. I had never seen this product before let alone tasted it so I felt that I could help to bring it to the target market the brand desired. The concept focused around the meaning of Glayva (very good) and how people say very good. The campaign consisted of posters, billboards and beer mats. 


Out of the options provided I chose the Arjowiggins brief. The task was to create a viral campaign that would promote the company's blank sheet project to designers the world over. My concept was to create a range of videos based around a designer that showed him generating ideas in unconventional ways using a single blank sheet of paper.


Module Feedback

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