3 June 2011

Louisa Cameron

This talk I found, surprisingly, interesting. I say surprisingly because I know I want to be a designer when I leave uni and this talk was all about jobs within the creative industry that isn't design. Some of the roles jumped out as they were involved in the process of the design but not necessarily in the designing capacity. Roles like project management and art direction. These jobs allow the person to have direct influence on what comes in and goes out of the studio, how the briefs are treated and making sure that all the boxes are ticked. Additionally, there is the client side. The people who work in this area are responsible for getting clients in and selling ideas, for someone that loves the sound of his own voice it sounds pretty good.

As helpful and insightful as this talk was I still feel that being an actual designer is still the way to go for me. I don't think I can give that one up just yet.

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