3 June 2011

Complexing Utopias

This was a weird one! I'm still not entirely sure what was going on in this presentation. It wasn't for lack of trying either. A graduate of the course and her Venezuelan colleague came to talk to us about what they did.

They had decided that a standard design job was just not right for them, it was soon after this I got lost. The theme of the talk was taking graphic design and spreading it over a further field, expanding its purpose and use and the people who use it. Also there was a suggestion of getting everyone (non designers included) involved with the process as that would lead to more varied ideas and suggestions. Not a bad idea. However, where I got confused was when they spoke about one of their concepts. It involved taking a complex idea and simplifying it. Sounds good so far. The next part is where my mind really began to dribble out of my ear. You take your lovely simplified idea and expand it out to more people, thereby confusing the issue again. I am assured that they knew exactly what they were talking about, I did not. Unfortunately, the fact that the presentation was nearly inaudible did not help proceedings either.

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